Sunday, May 25, 2008

Groovin' Memorial Day Weekend Style

Ahoy there mateys, Now gather 'round
We've come to you. We're in your town.
There's nothing Rachie Pie needs to prove,
She's asking you simply to read The Groove.

The newest blog! (Did we mention The Groove?)
Whilst Rachie will twist, Tommy will move,
As he cooks a bump right off your log,
And serves it up in a mind-blowing blog.

Hey blogheads, get a grip. Wake up to reality (Cole Porter) because it's time for our third installment of--that's right--The Groove!

The Groove grooves harder, better, and sicker than any blog out there that's also called The Groove but that we don't know about (about its also being called "The Groove," that is). Besides our not knowing that it's called "The Groove," we also don't know about it*, period. (An asterisk means scroll down to the bottom of this installment and look for another asterisk!)

Ha-ha. Guess what. This is the only blog that's called The Groove!!! (Actually it's not.)

And now, another installment in our regular series, Politics Groove-style:

Rachie Pie: Dad, I'm noticing that gas prices have gotten super high.

Tommy: Yes, Rachie. It's a serious problem.

Rachie Pie: What's the solution, Dad?

Tommy: Well, one solution is what we've done: create a blog that takes a detailed, in-depth look at the problem.

A lot of people have asked us, "What is a blog?" Well, "blog" is spelled b-l-o-g. It is pronounced like the word "log," but with a "b" sound at the beginning. It has a spelling, a pronunciation, a definition, and maybe other stuff, too. To understand its meaning, allow us to use it in a sentence: "I enjoyed that blog." Now we will use it in the verb form in a bunch of sentences: "I will blog today." "Blog and be merry." "Have a piece of delicious toast while I blog." Here it is in the adjectival form. "Welcome to blog territory." Here it is replacing a word in a Martin Luther King speech. "I have a blog."

        * We don't know about it, but we know about
            "It." (See paragraph one of our previous
            blog entry, Groovin' On.)

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susie carmichael said...

Hi R & T. Yes, gas prices have really gone up. Good observation. I hadn't thought about it that much because I never buy gasoline.