Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blah Blah Blog

Greetings, fellow Bloggers, Blogmeisters and Blogotopians. Welcome once again to The Groove.

Big Blog News: On Saturday, May 31 Rachie and Tommy made the scene at the Mondawmin Mall DMV Office where RACHIE PIE GOT HER LEARNER'S PERMIT!! Hallelujah! Congratulations to Rachie!! (Caution, motorists.) Since then she has driven three times, with yours truly, Tommy Boy, in the navigator's seat.

Up until now, I (Tommy) have been referring to our blog entries as "installments," but the other day I learned something that many--possibly all--bloggers seem to already know: that bloggers call their blog entries "posts." I ran my new revelation by Rachie and guess what. She's known this all along, but has kindly spared me the humiliation of being corrected.

June 7: Tommy and Rachie Pie arrived in New York City last night. They/We are staying at a Holiday Inn, and (at the risk of sounding like a braggart), since I, Tommy Boy, am a bona fide member of the esteemed Priority Club, our reservation includes: 1) a voucher good for one free drink at the hotel bar; 2) a free bottle of water waiting for us in our room; 3) a plate of eight assorted cookies on a doily. Let us be perfectly clear--these amenities would not be available to us if Tommy were not a member of the esteemed Priority Club.

Uh-oh. Tommy just discovered that he forgot to pack antiperspirant, and it's like the hottest day of the year! Meanwhile, Rachie forgot to pack Q-tips (We know, we know. "Q-tips" is a brand name--the product is "cotton swabs." Attention, other cotton swab companies [if there are any]. Please don't sue us for calling cotton swabs "Q-tips.")

Breadth or Depth

We at The Groove have been receiving a number of inquiries about whether our journalistic goal is to address a plethora of issues across a variety of different areas, or to delve deeply, thoroughly, and aggressively into a select group of issues. In other words, is our intent one of breadth--or depth? Our editorial staff (Rachie Pie and Tommy) met to discuss this and made the following determination: we don't care, and we will not be worrying about it.

We would really like to encourage our readers, you, to post comments on the blog. In order to entice you to do so, we have created a riddle, and we are asking you to post, as a comment, your own answer (or answers). We might decide to make this a contest, in which case the best answer, as determined by our impartial judge Andy (Tommy's wife and Rachie's mother), will be the winner and will be announced as such in one of our upcoming blog installments. (To answer the riddle, click on "comments" at the bottom of this installment and follow the INCREDIBLY simple instructions.)

And now, here's the riddle: How many bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?


Mickey said...

It only takes one blogger to make a change in this world.


Baby Girl's Blog said...

congratulations you!

from anna
P.S. the ware wolves are coming out YEA!

3WhiteDogs said...

Kudos to you two for having the guts to tell it like it is, to be willing to put yourselves on the line to edify us on the pressing issues of the day. I applaud your bravery, your writing skills, and your sheer nerve!

I usually don't post comments to blogs (or to anything else I might read on the internet) because, well, I've always had the feeling that no one really cares what I have to say. Well, actually, it's not quite that personal. I think no one really cares what most people have to say. Or is it personal? Hmmm....

Okay, the truth is I haven't posted comments to your blog because I deplore the hoops I have to jump through to do so. There are those skewed nonsense words I have to verify (is that a "q" or a "g"). I am not even going to mention the wheelchair at the end of the word verification box (whoa, I just did, didn't I? Have you ever clicked it?). Then I get asked to register which may just be a way for the subversives to track me. You think I'm paranoid? Damn straight I am. And you should be too, especially since you are writing what "they" don't want us to know.

And THEN, once I decided to do what it takes to demonstrate my support for you two, I was steered me away from the comment page and I had to go through the registration process (more nonsense words -- is that a lower case "l" or the number "1") and THEN, I had to agree to the terms of service (does anyone actually read those before they check the box??? I mean, you could be signing something that could come back to haunt you down the road).

And after I registered (because, obviously I did, despite the above-mentioned hardships), what then, you may ask. Well, I was brought back to the "Post a Comment" page and guess what? The comment I had written was gone, gone, gone. As in NOT THERE. It stinks, I tell you.

Anyway, keep up the good work and watch your back, if you know what I mean.

3WhiteDogs said...

To answer your riddle:

Bloggers don't use lightbulbs ... they bask in the glow of their monitors.

doughseadough said...

I truly hate to break it to you, Blogmeisters, but you weren't the first to come up with the phrase "Blah Blah Blog." (Nor will you be the last.)

Answer: Two- Tommy and Rachie Pie. What other bloggers are there?