Thursday, August 7, 2008

Special Continental Edition—The Groove Visits France and Italy

Greetings, loyal readers! It's Tommy and Rachie Pie, welcoming you back to The Groove with tremendous, over-the-top enthusiasm, love and hospitality! Are you hip to the fact that many people like to start their day with a cup of coffee and The Groove?

And now, for the fine athletes currently competing in the Tour de France, The Groove offers this song, to be sung to the tune of Hello Young Lovers:

Hello Tour de France, wherever you are,
Bordeaux, the Alps or the Louvre.
And after completing your cycling each day,
Sit back and relax with The Groove.

Be brave, young cyclists, and follow your star,
O'er mountains, through deserts and fog.
Where'er your journey may take you, good friends,
We ask that The Groove be your blog.
(We ask that The Groove be your blog.)
(We ask that The Groove be your blog.)

Did somebody say, "France?" (Get it? Tour de France?) 'Cause if they did, then they said the place where Miriam (fan of, and frequent commentator on, The Groove; daughter of T. and sister of R.P.) happens to be grooving these days.

Big, BIG blog news from Italy: Rachie and Tommy have just learned that The Groove has been nominated for a Blogatini award for "Best Foreign Blog." The Blogatini is to blogs in Italy what the Oscar is to film in the U.S. (Take your time figuring that out.) This means that Italy considers The Groove to possibly be the best blog in the world!

And now, The Groove would like to take a moment to sing (or, should we say, bark) the praises of three dogs--actually, three white dogs, although their race is irrelevant. We don't know their names, but you can read their comment by clicking on "comments" right under The Groove's June 11 installment, Blah Blah Blog. These dogs are groovy cats who clearly get The Groove and its mission of simple, total groove. They get it, and they get It. THEY--GET--IT! And so--a toast: "To Three White Dogs--You can groove with The Groove any day."


Paul said...

There's only one word for it - dissolussionalarientism!!

Tiffany said...

Wow -- OH wow! And I mean it because this is just so cool. I've BEEN to France AND I've been to ITALY!!!!!!!

I LOOOOOVE France. THe food is so fresh, y'know? Those fresh markets with those strawberries, y'know??? SOOOOO good. Yum yum!!! :)

I couldn't find any fries, but -- HEY!!! :)

I LOOOOVE the GROOOVE!!!! it's so cool!!! It will be SO sad if you don't win the blogatina!!! :(

PLZE PLZE PLZE post another blog soon! I can't to post another coment!!! Can I meet you, like, hey, maybe off-line some day? THat woudl be so cool!!! :)