Saturday, July 5, 2008

Groovin'—On a Sunday Afternoon

Helloooooooooooo, fans of The Groove (and also those of you who are not fans of The Groove but are reading this).

Carnegie Mellon is the only university in the U.S. that offers a Bachelors degree in bagpiping.

Grooving Pittsburgh-style

June 23: Today Tommy and Rachie Pie are heading out on a road trip to Pittsburgh and lands beyond. For those of you who don't know much about Pittsburgh, here's some resource information. 1) Once Tommy was in a restaurant and his friend ordered chopped steak "Pittsburgh medium," and Tommy didn't know what that was. 2) One summer when he was a kid, Tommy's father (Rachie's grandfather) worked in a steel mill in Pittsburgh.

Politics Groove-style

Recently T. and R.P. were driving someplace and Tommy's car needed gas so they pulled into what happened to be a brand-new (ALERT! ALERT! Irrelevant fact!) gas station. After filling the tank Tommy told Rachie that that was the most he had ever paid for gas in his entire life.

As we've mentioned previously the price of gas is a HUGE problem. Fortunately, we're doing something about it.

The New York Times Recognizes The Groove

In his June 27 New York Times Op-Ed column, columnist David Brooks writes:

"Over the past five years, a group of young and unpredictable rightward-leaning writers has emerged on the scene... these writers did not rise through the official channels of the conservative or libertarian establishments. By and large, they didn't do the internships or take part in the young leader programs that were designed to replenish 'the movement.' Instead, they found their voices while blogging..."

Thank you, David Brooks! And similarly we at The Groove commend the fine journalistic work that you and your colleagues do at the New York Times.

Andy's Corner

July 3: Today Andy's car passed the vehicle emissions test. Praise be to God!


Vets Against Change said...

You think you're so cool at The Groove. Ha.

You had no comments on your last blog and you wouldn't have any comments this blog if I could make this comment without entering it as a comment.

If I had my own blog, I'd have comments. Lots of them. I'm too busy blogging for John McCain to have my own blog, so you're just lucky about that.

Did you know, by the way, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim? If I had a blog, you could read about it there. ALL about it.

doughseadough said...

here's another comment. from FRANCE. chew on THAT, vets against change, The Groove has gone global. not to mention its spotlight in the new york times.

although i'm commenting on a day that is not of the week, i am one of the readers who IS a fan of the blog.

once again, a charming and delightful read. thanks for telling It like It is, tommy and rachie.

dillydaly said...

Congrats Andy, on the Volks passing edmissions. Ive never had to do edmissions before I moved to Maryland. Gas prices are something else. We are now paying more for gas each month than we pay for our morgage. Scary!!
I feel the groove, look forward to more posts.

sherwoodfetch said...

I am always looking for the next installment. Have you considered discussing the housing market crisis?

Thanks The Groove.